02 March 2013

Pengundian Grand Prize Mercedes Benz E-Class dan Launching show unit East Tower 2 Bedroom + 3 Bedroom.


19 February 2013, Essence Darmawangsa Apartment Jakarta will launch additional 2 & 3 bedrooms East Tower show units for this upcoming March. Launching event will be held on Saturday, 2 March 2013 in Marketing Gallery Essence Darmawangsa Apartment Jakarta. The event will be start at 10.00 am - 13.30 pm. The title is "More Experience".

East Tower is one of remarkable apartment tower at Essence Darmawangsa. This is a good scenery tower that provides private lifts and semi-furnished units. Constructed with high quality materials, we collaboratively develop another way of sophisticated living. Surrounded by the greenery and the warm environment where you can feel the experience of the refreshing water ambiance combined with the beauty tropical nature like the oase in the middle of concrete jungle. From the main livingroom, the master bedroom into the bathroom, modern classic is apparent on the marble floors, painted gypsum ceilings, veneered doors and stainless steel fixtures. All of which fill the atmosphere with innovation, elegance and originality. Find the ultimate luxurious life and surrounded with the comfortness of living.

The objectives of the event are to give opportunity for potential buyers, a showcase about East Tower units and to build an emotional bounding to the customers. At this event we will also announce the Grand Prize Mercedes Benz E class to our East Tower's customers and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to inaugurate our newest show units. To promote our product, we will invite a few printed media to help us promote our new show units.

Essence Darmawangsa offers luxurious living. Nestled in the exclusive Jl. Darmawangsa X No. 86, Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta. Essence Darmawangsa Apartment is very strategic place of living on the verge of Business, Education and Entertainment sites. Hopefully we can provide the needs of urban people who seek the luxurious and greenery living surrounded with comfortness.

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