29 January 2017



Essence Darmawangsa provides 5.2 hectares of open green space, a privilege that is rare to be found nowadays living in the city of Jakarta. Embracing the private resort residence concept, such as large green area dedicated to facilitate its residents with spacious playfields for kids as well as a tranquil place for residents to find a peaceful state of mind. To achieve these aims, Essence Darmawangsa's management consistently conducts evaluation and research to provide better living experience for its residents.

As a result, Essence Darmawangsa Apartment is continuously improving its facilities and services in order to provide a convenient living for its residence. For instance, facilities improvement can easily be seen from the pedestrian walk that is now adorned with vines, built not only for esthetic reason, but also to provide a more convenient access to walk around the apartment complex.

Changes can also be seen with the opened direct access from the East Tower to the park and reflecting pool area. Hence, it provides East Tower residents with comfortable access to do their favorite activities such as yoga or jogging at the park, and enjoying a quiet afternoon at the reflecting pool area.

Improvements have also been made at the reflecting pool area, where a new floating deck has been installed, providing a new and exciting area for residents to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The stairs along the reflecting pool have also been renovated into ramps to provide safety for kids and elders. More lightings have also been added at the park to allow residents to enjoy night jogging.

In terms of safety, Essence Darmawangsa also installed road studs along the main boulevard of Essence Darmawangsa to enhance night driving safety within the complex. Not only concerned about the safety of its public facilities, Essence Darmawangsa also maintains the safety of the facility within each tower building, for instance by recently changing the wire ropes of the elevators in all towers to ensure the safety of the residents.

These improvements are only a part of Essence Darmawangsa's Apartment commitment to upholds its promise to deliver a magnificent life everyday at Essence Darmawangsa, which requires not only hard work from the management, but with the support shown and eceived from its valued Residents, has made the work worthwhile.

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