17 August 2014

Independen Days Internal Event dan Keluarga Expat


August 17th is a sacred date for all Indonesian people. On that fateful day in 1945, 69 years ago, two of Indonesia's founding fathers (Soekarno, who later became the first president of Indonesian Republic and Mohammad Hatta, who became his first vice president) proclaimed the independence of Indonesia and changed the fate of this nation forever

Indonesian Independence Day is observed from Jakarta to the smallest towns and villages across the 17,000 islands in the archipelago. Vibrant parades, formal military processions, and lots of patriotic flag ceremonies take place across the country. Schools begin training weeks in advance with marching practice for military-like processions that later clog all the main streets. Special sales and celebrations take place in shopping malls and markets.

In Indonesia, Hari Merdeka or Independence Day is a day filled with festivities and celebrations. The biggest celebration from Independence Day of Indonesia is anually held in Istana Negara, which is attended by the President of Indonesia. The ceremony is broadcasted live on national television channels. Besides of that Indonesian also have a unique tradition to celebrate the independence day, every community hosts an event where traditional game are played, these games symbolized the struggle of indonesian heroes' to achieve our independence. The preparations for Hari Merdeka begin well in advance. This theme of the year all of Indonesia seems to be draped in red and white, the colors of its flag.

In connection with Indonesia's Independence day, Essence Darmawangsa also celebrate it and hosts an event which invites the tenants to join the event. On saturday morning August 30th 2014, the tenants with their kids who participate in the games gather at the garden next to reflecting pool, the games start at 8 am in the morning. 5 games was held on that morning, ice cream eating challenge, sack race, bring marble with a spoon without hands, dancing to get a chair dan and put pencil in a bottle without hands. Tenants and their children was so excited during the games and celebration. "very well organized event today, we highly appreciate these festivities and gathering, similar to the world cup event enrich in the summer, keep it up!", said Mr. Ioannis from unit ES2-2303 FN as one of the tenant whom his children participated also in the game.

Having a large greenery environment at the center of Essence Darmawangsa is one of the strength for the property that can be use by the residents for gather and relax with their family or also hold a small gathering with friends and family for barbecue and if you like to arrange your small gathering at reflecting pool, please do not hesitate to contact our Tenant Relation - Building Management (0217251118).

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